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Fursuit work journal for 4/27/13
Saturday did not go well, I did get the fur fixed on the FedFox muzzle, but moved on to adding the black fox markings on the muzzle and trying out an idea I had on helping Excelsior to look more "lion" / feline.  The plan was a very modest darkening of two "cry lines" of sorts to help the middle of the muzzle to stand out similar to a real lion.

All I had was regular Rustoleum (?) spray paint but masked the area carefully, and tried to spray very, very lightly.  FAIL  Came out full black somehow.  Ruined the fur so I have to fix it when I can, try other things.

Also the first time someone mentioned the design as being like a "plushie" fursuit which never occurred to me.  Instead of going for toony style if I had focused on plushie style, it might have worked out a lot better.  The head shape was difficult for me to get right being my first fursuit head.  I keep fixing it making changes that should help it look more like a lion than a bear.

Just tweeks to the old fursuit head at this time.  But still it's looking better bit by bit.

Rabbit head:
This is going to be a carefully done exhibit of my talents to date so I can have something to show potential clients so I can get commissions.  BUT I realized Saturday night that without a decent hair trimmer, I can't do good short areas on the fur when I fur the head!

I'm now worried I can't get it right until much later when I get a decent hair trimmer as well as other tools.  So it won't be good enough to demonstrate my skills so I can't earn the money as of yet except by making a few furry parts like tails, hand paws, whatever.  But no head and no short fur areas shaved into the long fur such as palms of hand paws need some shaving where as the same fur remains long on the back of the hands.  I don't know what to do!


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