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Fursuit work journal for 4/26/13
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Hmmm.  I keep forgetting to log my fursuit work here.  I'm not using FA for that anymore as it's not very good for it as a daily journal.

So hopefully I'll remember here, it documents the work I've done though photos will be lacking at this stage of the game.

Work done to date:
Rebuilt the foot paws to a better shape and taller stiffer via buckram shafts.  Bottoms of fursuit changed now to hang on the outside of the foot paws shafts much like other fursuits do.

New dark brown hand paws done to match the foot paws since the white tipped tan hand paws from before got dirty and stained too easily from basic use.  New ones are better designed and closer to my good 5 finger design to use for customers with my custom made claws.

Added some fur to arms and legs to change to overlapping design with new hand paws and redone foot paws.

Installed EL string in eyes to go with illuminated whiskars in head.  Now the length of the muzzle is bothering me and I want to rebuild that part since I won't have money for materials to make a new Excelsior head.

Got some more long dark brown fur for the mane and expanded it's size.  Also blocked off bottom of muzzle that used to be open for airflow and to put things up to my mouth.  Looks much better now.  Reworked the ears a bit but not replaced with better designs.

Federation Fox:
Added some fur to arms and legs to change to overlapping design using scrap furs.  This fursuit is a jumble and is used to experiment and learn about fur and color choices.  I can make mistakes on it and learn from it.  Generally not expected to be worn in public.

Foot paws used to have removable shoes but there were difficulties with that.  I've now experimented with gluing in western boots known as ropers which gives it a stiff shaft to pull the leg fur over to create the overlap.  Looks better now.

Hand paws remain about the same.  Also uses the sleeve over the fur overlap design.

But the head was bothering me a lot with it's lousy design.  It's been rebuilt to practice doing better work.  First was making new eyes using buckram I got online, then re-furring the muzzle and separately the top of the head.  A third try at ears has been done and am more satisfied with the new ones.

But the teeth I made last time were awful as well as problems with the moving jaw.  That's been rebuilt with newer elastic & frame for hinges to improve it.  It used to be free floating.

I've torn out the old lips and teeth to make new ones.  I've made new lips and have glued them in place yesterday and am finishing up that work today.  Next up will be the new teeth after I make a pattern from the new mouth to get the teeth to the right size and such to look better.

Still to be done: some reworking the fur around the new lips to help it blend better.  New teeth and mouth linings.

Test installing an old pair of glasses since this balaclava style head makes putting it on with my good glasses a big problem.  I'm working on that and am tempted to split the balaclava and sew it to the fur's zipper.  Not sure if that's the right thing to do so it should remain as is since it's comfortable!


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