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bad news
The guy who owns the house is being taken back to the hospital yet again.  One of the EMTs said that the owner might not be coming back home again which has scared the hell out of me.  Which means I'll be homeless again.  I don't have money to move or anything let alone find a place I can live.  I'm in pain but it's not certain yet what will happen and when.

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He'll be the back emt is not sure and he's been in and out of the hospital before.

I hope so!

He's in pretty bad shape and he doesn't get much care medical wise here at home so it's very difficult for him. I don't think his condition has deteriorated but he's always been bad enough that anyone would have put him in a convalescent hospital to get proper care.

Fortunately I'm sure he still wants to be home. Let's keep our fingers crossed! Thanks for replying!

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